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"There’s a certain venue in La Crosse, WI called the Warehouse. It’s been doing shows for what, 22 years now? It’s a safe place for all of the kids and teens who live here to go to listen to music, completely alcohol and drug free…and they are massively in debt and in a little under 15 hours, if they don’t generate enough revenue to pay the banks it will be closed and turned into condos. The Warehouse isn’t just a special place for me, it’s a safehaven and sanctuary for so many La Crosse kids and peace of mind for so many parents there when all they need is to know their kids are somewhere safe, and not shooting up in a back alley. The Warehouse has led to marriages, more friendships than I can even count, has changed peoples lives and generally effected so many people and the community in general in an extremely positive way. Not to mention, bands like Fall Out Boy had their start there. NIN, MCR, tons of huge names in metal and plenty of other genres alike have been through there. Without it I don’t know what the kids in La Crosse will do or where they will go. I’m worried for the younger generations now and the future ones to come. Without this place there will be a lot less people who get into local music or even music in general seeing as most people don’t want to make a 3+ hour drive to Milwaukee. Art will die in that sense or at least start to. One of if not the only no alcohol venues in WI will be closed and that sanctuary and peace of mind for parents will be gone. Less lives will be touched and changed and blessed with music and the passion and love I feel now because of it. 

That being said. You can donate to the cause at the link on top of this post. Even just $1 would help!

If all of my followers donated $1, and had their followers donate $1.. it would help immenselyThere are prizes you can win, shirts, name on a plaque etc for donating and if we DON’T meet the goal you get ALL of your money back. This is an all or nothing campaign and we are running out of time. So please, spread this around. Donate something. Tell anyone and everyone you can think of. Keep the dream alivegive these kids of all generations in LaX hope, help keep something more positive than anything their city has done alive. Be a part of something greater than yourself. ”

Please read this!!

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Alright, tumblr. I (and so many other people in my area) NEED your help. The Warehouse has been a place where I can forget about my problems ever since the very first time I ever went there. And I know that many more people call this place home. There are people in my area who started playing instruments all because of The Warehouse. There are people who are still alive because of this place. There are so many bands who may have never been discovered if it weren’t for this place.

If it goes, I and everyone I know will be devistated. We need this place.

Steve (the owner of this wonderful venue) is unable to pay enough money to keep this place alive. They are asking for $200,000. So far, this campaign has raised only $20,000 of that total, and there is only 9 days left.

I would be so grateful if you could help. If you can’t donate any money, at least reblog this to get the word spread. I can’t tell you how much I need this place to stay.

This place is a big part of history.

So many bands that are big now or are well known have played here; Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects, Mayday Parade, Brand New, and so many more (go to the bottom of this page to see the bigger bands that have been here

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Guys please help these guys out. It’s a great venue in my home town and they might be shut down if they don’t get enough money. Anything helps. Thanks, and spread the word please.

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